10 natural ways to enlargement of breasts

The breasts is the one of the most attractive physical features of a woman. Good shape of breasts make a woman more beautiful and charming. Sadly, not every woman out there have a perfect pair of breasts that match her height, weight and personality.

Some women have small breasts that make them feel awkward in social circle around themselves. Although the reasons for small breasts may vary, most women wishing to increase their breast size through surgery. But it is an expensive procedure, breast enhancement procedure does not always provide fruitful results and can leave permanent side effects that can be even more dangerous.

 Are you aiming for a good and sizzling Breast Size and want your boobs to gain a perfect shape and become a full-appealing Breast like a properly developed lady? We are going to tell you some ways to get bigger and well shaped breasts below here :

Small Breast Size :
Why Breast Size does not Increase or gets De-Formed(Size) ?

Small size breasts are all depend upon the hormone system of a girl. May be some hormones are undeveloped. Hormones imbalance are the main reason for that. But with it the most knowing thing is that it is not only a physical problem  but it also poses other problems starting from wearing dresses to the next stages of Reproductive life.

Breast enlargement surgery is for the ladies who have passed this stage and still don’t want to work for attaining a good shape. As it is just, an instant remedy to the underdeveloped, shrunken breasts.

Anything which is related to our body is directly or indirectly under control of Hormones. Improper hormonal secretions may cause underdeveloped and deformed breasts – sometimes smaller, sometimes bigger or sometimes loose or many other causes of breasts relating problems.


Small breasts are a trouble for women. They just not keeping affect personality instead of it that makes an impact in the Reproductive and Sex life of a Couple. The child however cannot Breast-Feed because of Less or No production of Milk, which is a serious problem can be happened with it.

Eating What Helps Breast to grow?

For grow up the well shaped breasts you have to look out some proper diet in which Estrogen and Phytoestrogen are included in a rich amount :

These are the foods which have ESTROGEN in good amount :

1.) Fruits : Apple, Cherries and Plums

2.) Dry-Fruits : Almond and Cashew-Nuts

3.) Vegetables : Beets, Carrots and Cucumber

4.) Grains : Barley, Rice and Wheat

5.) Seeds : Flax Seed, Sunflower Seeds and Fennel Seeds

6.) Herbs : Garlic, Parsley

7.) Spices : Clover, Cumin

These are the foods which have PHYTOESTROGEN in good amount :

1.) Soya-Bean Sprouts, Winter-Squash, Green Beans and Collards

2.) Dried Prunes, Strawberry, Rasp-Berry and Watermelon

3.) Red Wine, Green Tea, White Wine and Black Tea

4.) Pistachios and Walnuts


There are certain foods and herbs by using them you can get enlargement of breasts naturally and some among them, we have cited below :

1.)  Dong Quai Root :

It is the best tonic for restoring the hormonal balance in the body because it is helpful for enlargement of breasts and also prevents from breasts relating diseases. Breast are the most sensitive part of women. So always care them as you can.

2.)  Red clover :

Red clover is a one of the biggest combined thing included with calcium, chromium, phosphorus, potassium, and vitamin C. It has isoflavones which works as a hormone simulator and which is very effective for breast enlargement.

3.) Fenugreek seed :

Fenugreek is known to stimulate breast enlargement. Fenugreek in its powdered form helps in stimulating breast enlargement.

 Fenugreek seed extract, is most famous for its milk supply benefits, as it is an excellent galactagogue for inducing lactation. It gives a proper shape to breasts too. Fenugreek seed extracts can be used for preparing a number of dishes and consumption is not a big deal.

4.) Hop flower :

Hop flower has a good amount of flavonoids which regulates hormone production and secretion in our body. It regulates the hormone production and facilitates the growth of mammary glands
Hop flower can be consumed in different  ways. Just Google the recipes which can be used hop flower in it.

5.) Mexican wild yam root :

It have an ultimate source of beta-carotene diosgenin. It is helpful to optimum breast development. This herb is widely used to enhance the reproductive health of women, including menopausal issues and premenstrual syndrome. You can use Wild yam powder for breast massage too.

6.) Saw Palmetto berry :

Saw palmetto is a Native American herb. It is quite effective for enhancing your breast. It is a powerful agent in the process of breast enhancement. its origin in natural medicine points to use it for breast augmentation. Saw palmetto is still recommended by doctors to increase the size of women’s breasts. It is also known as a great aphrodisiac, as a cure for impotence and increase sexual activity for women. It is a native plant of North America, and it is still primarily grown in the United States.

7Watercress Leaf :

This is one of the most favored therapy for breast enlargement. Take watercress leaf on a regular basis and you will notice visible improvement in your condition soon. The leaf can be eaten raw or grinded into its powered form.

8) Butea Superba :

It is a plant which has a rich amount of phytoestrogens including miroestrol, deoxymiroestrol, coumestans. These  have the main contribution for enlargement of breasts. They are also used in hormone replacement therapy.

9.) Dandelion root :

Dandelion root is useful in increasing the production of breast cells and improving the overall health of breast tissues.

10.) Fennel Seeds:

 Fennel seeds contain a high content of flavonoids and are therefore useful in increasing the amount of estrogen in the body. These seeds are also effective as stimulants and tonics. These seeds play a wonderful role in the formation of new cells and tissues in the breasts, which can increase their size.


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