This Is What Happen To You When You Die, According To These People

Death is unnatural call of nature. Death is a universal truth of every live creature on this planet. Everyone is going to die someday. Everyone has a life cycle. Only the thing is differentiation of different different time period.

Nobody knows when will he take his last breathe. This is an unanswered question. However, some people have claimed that they have been seen a life after death. Though they were then brought back to life.  They told a different kind of stories about it which is weird and strange. Not every experience is positive. Some even pay a visit to the hell and are tortured by the Devil. Everyone has a strange and different view about it.

We are going to explaining you 9 things which people experienced near to death.

1.) Life Spark :

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During this time the little period you experience a moment of your afterlife, you remember all your best and worst moments. The person who is dying needs time alone to prepare, so they encourage those around to leave.
Some people claimed a thing that they have seen a slideshow video of their past experiences in their eyes, their good and bad moments and memories of past lives  all things they have seen flash before their eyes in near to death.

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