7 People Who Survived Great Tragedy Only To Commit Suicide Later

1.    Titanic passengers who survived the tragedy committed suicide in the years later

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In 1914, two years after Titanic’s survival, Titanic partner, Anne Robinson, October stood to visit her daughter in Rosab Boston in Atlantic, when the ship was wrapped in a thick fog on October 9. His final goal is the growing sound of Foghorn that terrible memories were born in 1912 after this destructive night. Aunt ran out of the dining room and ran on deck, but wherever she went, her voice was hit by death. He stepped on the train.

After Anne’s disaster, I was the first of ten titanic survivors of the suicide attack. Jack was 17 years old when he left Titanic when he escaped Titanic, killing himself in 1945, killing himself after his wrist and throat was killed by his son Edward II War. During the Great and his mother Marine Theater (Titanic outstanding) short time from each other.

Other survivors who wanted to eliminate their lives: Dr. Washington Dodge, Dr. Henry William Fawuelwal, Joh Nisaren, John Morgan Davis, Junior, Friedrich Flat, and Felix Jones, who was only 3 years old when he was saved. Were there Titanic destruction.  (Source)

2.  The Man who helped hundreds of 9/11 rescuers committed suicide later

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Johannemann was a part-time guard assigned to the clean toilets of September 11 in the North Tower, and was credited with rescuing a man.

But his family said that the day changed him – he was retired and began to drink strong, went in and left the job. Twelve days before the seventh anniversary of the day, he saved a life, Johannemann accepted.

This is the suicide note that the 43-year-old deputy just before the 5th deadline, that his owner had for him to leave the non-payment of rent to leave:

“The reason I killed myself was because I became familiar with myself and I cannot be homeless, and I’m also very depressed since I was on September 11. I’ve been drinking too much, I’ve lost my friends and my family About drinking, and I’m very lonely, there’s nothing more for me than watching my cat, but it’s true, but c I just wanted to say that I saw people I really hurt in my life, I was really good person when I did not drink, I hope people remember it! (Source)


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