10 immoral Things You Can Legally Buy

  1.  Positive pregnancy tests

    Via : mumsnet.com

    Yes, people sell positive pregnancy tests in Craigslist. I cannot think of any legitimate use. Perhaps they are sometimes used for pain, but often when they are used to collect money for abortion. My neighbor made a positive test during pregnancy in pregnant women who increased money during the attacks. It was great, honest. Women will be kept in their homes, check their base of $ 20 and a new exam, and they will re-examine them again. These women have to go to their beloved or someone else, show them trials, and will give men women “take care of them”. So for thirty to forty dollars investments, these women examine more than five hundred dollars that are claimed (pregnancy rate is based on pregnancy and distance between women).

  2. You can buy Life insurance on someone else

    Via : setforlifeinsurance.com

    You can buy life insurance from someone else. This was a person running around a motorcycle dealer and gave people the opportunity to pay upgrades or things after allowing them to get their life insurance. Many people have become silent on a motorcycle. You intend to take insurance, you must have “incredible interest” in this person, and that your finance should have a harmful effect in case of death. Purchasing upgrades on bike is an incredible interest.

    Many companies take insurance for their CEOs and other executives as heed against what they are getting bad with. In addition, engineers are often associated with employers. The banks can also take the people who have a big loan. Basically, anyone who can lose money through your death can save your life.

    There is also a lawyer who found a distance and has run away from unbearable interest. He has made millions of his customers and now he is in jail.

  3.  Flamethrower

    Via : tampabay.com

    There are lots of offline and online sites where you can buy flame projectors. Despite the possible risks of such a tool, the technology is more and more legal and free for the United States. There is usually no restriction on the ownership of flame projectors in the United States. In California, to obtain a license to obtain licenses for officially and “non-temporary and portable devices design or to eliminate or burn fireworks or sleeve liquid at least 10 feet distance” Is authorized with To fix up to $ 10,000.

  4. you can buy human Leather online

    Via : rebelcircus.com

    You can buy online human skin online. According to the website,

    Is it illegal?

    However, this is not an expensive company because it is not cheap in producing or processing raw materials, and there is a public obstacle on the way. We value our donors and reward our recipients and close relatives very well. In fact, we had to refer some potential donors as we can only accept the highest quality human skin. We cannot give you the means of our overall product, we apologize.

  5.  Puppy From a Puppy Mill

    You can buy legally threatened species like a blue tone and a nawa. It is often legal to buy and sell legally dangerous species. For example, take one of the many species of Airport Easter Khajor Portland Rima. The tree, many of its types, is a dangerous threat under US’s Risk Act (ASA), but at this time there are many people to sell eBay. If these sellers have the right license, their sales are according to the legal and economic goals of the legal law as well as the dangerous law on nature. A study of selling online assets has been revealed that many, if not, sellers do not think of this mandatory license.

  6.  White Phosphorus

    Via : wikimedia.org

    White phosphorus is often used in a chemical war. It is essentially a solid that causes smoke after curing oxygen, which hurts as soon as possible. However, it is limited by Geneva Convention. You can still use legally as a smoke detector.

    White and red arthritis of phosphorus are no longer sold, although they are available only when some mothers use red phosphorus in resignation. A little later, DEA makes a rating and prohibited connection. You can always buy red phosphorus under special license, but you should have a very good reason to find it. It is possible to convert into a highly toxic and yellow white oscillopol, but one needs special equipment.

  7. Shark fin soup

    Via : worldatlas.com

    Every year, millions of sharks fall prey, cut their nest and then throw it in the sea – die or die. “Finishing” Shark art is designed to make dishes like soup, which can be served by Chinese restaurants and moon during the celebration of New Year’s celebrations, weddings and other festivals.

    Consumption of soup in shark arts is unusual and unnecessary. And not just a little bit of shark art, it can also contain high levels of mercury.

  8. Fake Lottery Tickets

    Via : ebayimg.com

    These are really cruel. I do not like anything more than a good visit, but it’s not funny too, it is just cruel who gets it. I watched the videos where no one failed to think, he just won to make sure it was a joke.

  9. Shoot a rocket launcher at a cow

    Via : atravellersjourney.com

    For $ 350 in Cambodia, he allows you to fire a cow in a rocket launcher. For $ 350, you can shoot guns and $ 50 extra, you get a cow rocket, with an extra increase in warfare over the old American bases.


  10. Exotic/invasive/endangered Species of plants and animals

    Via : news.nationalgeographic.com

    You can buy legally threatened species, such as Neiline Tuna and Nawa. It is often legal to buy and sell the risk species legally. For example, take the Aeroport Aafor Khajur Pururandia remeta, one of the many species. The tree, many of its types, are threatened to be dangerous under the United States’ Risk Act (ASA), but at this time there are many people for eBay selling. If these sellers have the right license, their sales are in accordance with the scope and objectives of the legal law as well as the dangerous law on nature. A study of selling online asset has been revealed that many, if not more, the seller does not think this necessary license.

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