9 Signs Someone Is Lying

Some people have a tendency to speak calculated untruth, which is lying. It may be because they have an addiction to it or maybe sometimes to escape or to save themselves from admitting the truth. In certain circumstances, lying is permitted, expected or even encouraged but in general, lie carries a negative connotation and the person who communicates a lie may be subject to social, legal, religious or criminal sanctions. Few people can catch lie easily but the majority fail to understand the person who is lying. Therefore, here below are the 9 signs you will come to know and you will understand when you are being lied to someone.


Fidget means moving your hands and feet slightly or changing your position slightly because of your nervousness or tiredness. Most of the times fidgeting happens when a person is lying to you. The actions will speak more than words. Actions such as cleaning spectacles, uneven eye contact or fussing over the tablecloth, etc. It also happens when the person speaks something in front of his/her love.



Sometimes it happens that whenever there is a question, we do not get the answer in an appropriate manner or in a delay. A pause of delay is the sign that the person is lying in answering and something fishy may be going on in his mind. Some questions which do not require time or which have a reflex reaction answer and if they are taking a pause, it means something is wrong.

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Many a time we see that the person to whom we are communicating changes his breathing style. If this happens to you again then you should take cognizance that the person is lying to you. Their breathing changes and their shoulders rise along with their voice. It happens when your heartbeat increases and out of nervousness, you lie.

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