12 Reasons That Prove you Are An Introvert

How will you point someone as an introvert? You will be looking out for someone who is sitting alone at a party or who doesn’t speak much. You are most probably wrong; being aloof from everyone might just be a small part of being an introvert. Even if someone is, the heart of a party can be an introvert. It is about visualizing how that person perceives the facts and details that make him an introvert. Here below are 15 signs to determine whether you are an introvert or extrovert

1.) Small talks are not made for them


Small talks for introverts are quite annoying, some people say that they get nervous in giving a summary of the fact but you are wrong they hate the little or no sign of their discussion in your life.

2.) Introverts go to parties but not to meet new people

Introverts are interested in partying because of what a party represents the drinks, food and maybe a few dance numbers. They are scared of meeting new people and tend to enjoy with their friends.


3.) The feeling of being alone in crowd

This is a no big surprise for an introvert, the feeling of being secluded in every social gathering, being voluntarily aloof from everyone. They have a feeling of getting invitations for every activity rather than extending their own invitations.


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