Acupressure points and mudras techniques that can make you smarter with in few days


What do we not to do make our body and mind good and healthy? We try each and every possible methods such as meditation, yoga, exercise, gyming and many more. There are other ways that are even easier and it gives you even more benefits like mudras and acupressure. But most of us are unaware of these mudras and acupressure techniques. Through mudras and acupressure, you can make your body so healthy and mind so fast that there is no limit.

Acupressure points and techniques

In today’s world, there is a lot of pressure on the students and job persons. At the time of stress, we think that there should be a way to relieve our body and feel light. We all have different-different kinds of problems. To overcome the stress, people get health relief tablets which are not good at all for our health.

You want to become more intelligent and want to increase your memory. You know that doing things like meditation and exercise can increase your intelligence, but you can not do this because of two reasons.

  1. You don’t have time.
  2. You do not want to do this.

What if I tell you that I can increase your intelligence in one minute with the help of a small trick, and that trick is Acupressure.

Whether you are preparing for your exam or doing Daily routine work, you use memory everywhere. There are some points in your whole body where pressing repeatedly or doing massage at that point will increase your intelligence fluently. Let’s know about some miraculous points of your body.

1.) Third Eyepoint

This is the best and effective point to increase your intelligence. In a few days, you will feel a lot of difference in your intelligence.

Location -: This point is located between your eyebrows as shown in the figure.

Third Eye point
How to do (procedure) -:

  • you have to press and leave this point, again and again, press it and leave it and do this procedure for 2-3 minutes repeatedly or you can massage at that point.
  • Within a single second, you have to press it and leave it, means you have to do minimum 60 times in a single minute.
  • You have to do it minimum 3 minutes in a day, it means you have to press minimum 180 times that acupressure point in a day.

Benefits -:

  • If you do this early in the morning, you will find that your memory is getting stronger day by day.
  • By doing this, every part of the brain is uplifted.
  • It increases your memory and concentration power.

2.) Sunpoint

This is the second most effective point. It increases your concentration power. You can’t image how much your focus power will increase after doing this acupressure regularly.

Location -: The sun point is in the depression of the temples, a half-inch to the outside of eyebrows as shown in the figure.

sunpoint accupresure
How to do (procedure) -:

  • You have to do massage slowly – slowly at these points.
  • You can also do pressing method, as I mentioned in ‘Third Eye’ acupressure method.
  • You have to do at least 3 minutes in a day.

Benefits -:

  • To get more advantage, do it early in the morning.
  • While doing this massage you feel a strange energy because of that particular acupressure points.
  • It boosts your memory and makes your memory faster like – laser.

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