10 worst food combinations

food combinations

We are fond of eating food in combinations- such as meat with cheese, fruits in salads, milk and fruits and cereals and milk. Some of these combinations are harmful while some of them are not and here we will be discussing 9 food combinations bad for your health.

1.) Carbs and meat protein

When you consume a carbohydrate-rich product with protein-rich foods they counteract with each other- protein putrefies and carbohydrate ferments. This leads to bloating and flatulence. Those who have been consuming these products for several years would have developed immunity against it, but it is better to consume meat with beans or rice.

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2.) Two high proteins

Turf and surf, eggs and bacon- all of these are popular food combinations which are rich in protein. This puts pressure on the digestive system and takes a long time to digest. To avoid this problem eat light protein first and then after 10 minutes consume meat.

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3.) Food and water

Drinking water along with food dilutes your stomach acids, which leads to slowly break down of foods and fats. So drink water only after 10 minutes of food consumption.

Food and water
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4.) Fruit with meal

Who won’t love some mango salsa salad with fish and strawberries, but this is not a good combination as fruit which will pass quickly from the digestive system but because it is consumed along with the food the sugar in it starts to ferment.

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5.) Yogurt with fruit

Yogurt contains plenty of bacteria which will react with the sugar in the fruits, this results in toxin formation, cold and several other allergies. You can avoid this from happening by using flavored yogurt at room temperature.

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6.) Cereal with milk and orange juice

Milk is rich in casein and orange juice contains acid. Together they are going to curdle the diary and also will destroy the enzyme present in the starch-rich cereal. To avoid this mishap drink orange juice 1 hour before consuming milk with cereal.

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7.) Milk and banana

There will be very few in the world who are not going to like a really sweet and fluffy banana milkshake. But this is a very dangerous combination of milk and fruit, as this whole glass of goodness is going to sit heavily in your stomach. Try to resist this combination, but if you can’t don’t worry enjoy your glass of banana milkshake but do add a pinch of nutmeg or cinnamon to improve your digestion.

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8.) Beans and cheese

A very famous Mexican cuisine which is a tongue-twisting combination of beans, hot sauce, and guacamole- this is a recipe which will make you bloated, cause gas problems in your stomach and other digestive problems.

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9.) Tomatoes and pasta

Pasta a  classical Italian dish has got no essence without cheese, tomatoes, and sauce or meat. All of these brings down a hell of pressure on your digestive system. Tomatoes have acids in them which weakens the enzymes present in starch-rich pasta and it also curdles the dairy in cheese. Meat and carbs are a very bad combination that makes this meal very difficult to digest, so try to use pesto sauce to avoid after meal fatigue.

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10.) Cheese and meat

Cheesy meatballs, meat fondue, meat, and cheese omelet- the thought of all these foods makes your mouth water and makes you feel hungry at least for a bite but all of these foods are very rich in protein. All of these protein-rich foods are very difficult to digest. So don’t act crazy after seeing these foods stick to chopped vegetables with fondue, avoid cheese and meatballs and stay away from the omelet.

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