8 reasons you remain emotionally addicted to an abusive partner


There’s a process which keeps going on inside you and you remain so connected to that emotional abusive attitude of your partner that you don’t wish to let go and the same sorrows keep on repeating over time.

The reason that we remain attached to our partners even after being abused several times because we have a hope that in time we will share the love and respect each other emotionally as well as physically.

1.) Your mom or dad have been a victim

If you ever saw your mom or your dad is a victim of physical abuse or sexual abuse and you never saw an improvement in their relationship you are likely to repeat that same pattern, even if you promised yourself that you are never going to treat anyone repulsively. If you don’t delete those memories from your system you are going to fall in that same situation and this is not a heritage that is meant pass on.

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2.) You have designed your behavior repulsively

A school of psychology founded by Eric Berne, wherein experts in transactional analysis believe that we all create a set of emotional reactions for every action and by age 7 we even decide to make us a part of those emotional rollercoasters rather than just considering it as an option to react with those emotions, after that whatever happens in our life our system brings those preinstalled behavioural notions into action.

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3.) You are too scared

Being in a relationship is a wonderful feeling but getting out of that relationship is very tough. It might make you feel terrible, guilty as well as a criminal. You have loved your boyfriend or girlfriend and now you are too scared that what might happen to them after you are not there, there is a fear that they might try to hurt themselves, they might threaten you, they might kill themselves and this fear will keep haunting you even you are far away from them and this torture belief will keep pushing you to keep the relationship wheel rolling.

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