10 people who accidentally became rich

To be known as a rich and famous person is the dream of every person but to become rich by mistake or by fate is not in everyone’s life. Sometimes the most fruitful deeds happen unknowingly and people become rich by chance.

1. Kevin Lewis

Cincinnati Horseshoe casino was in the middle of a promotion during August 2013, when a random customer was announced and everyone was taken aback as a person named Kevin Lewis was selected to be the lucky one to receive a check of 1 million dollars as the lucky casino goer received a check of 1 million dollars and after a lot of applause and wine, when he went back home, the drama didn’t end as a cross verification was made it was found that the wrong Kevin Lewis was found and rewarded and then the very generous casino owner also rewarded the other Kevin Lewis and the money problems ended in both their lives.

Kevin Lewis
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2. Chris Clark

During the year 1994, most people in the world were not quite sure what the internet was and how to put it in use in your daily day to day life. So when a person named Chris Clark bought a domain name pizza.com for twenty dollars, it felt like a gamble to him rather than an investment, but in the year 2008, this domain was brought for a hefty 2.5 million dollars the highest amount paid for any domain till date.

Chris Clark
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3. Glenda Blackwell

A North Carolina born lady was annoyed by the habit of his husband of buying lottery tickets to furnish his life but luck was not quite helpful in his life but someway or other it tries to make its way in as Glenda Blackwell decided to teach a lesson to his husband by buying a lot of lottery tickets to make him feel the pain of idling away of money but not even little did she knew that one of the lottery tickets was there to favor them with 1 million dollars

Glenda Blackwell
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4. Declaration of independence

An unidentified man from Adams town, Pennsylvania received the biggest surprise of his if because of his hobby. As he was a painter he had a habit of buying several paintings and to keep them as his personal collection as in this case he brought a painting and when after a few years the frame of the painting started to wear out he decided to re frame the painting and because of this he found a declaration of independence printed in a newspaper which was printed on that day when America got its independence and after a few authentications it was found that it was one of those 24 copies printed, making it a very rare piece of work in the museum and thus that person earned a fortune of over 2 million dollars.


Declaration of independence
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5. Richard Noll

Another lottery store incident but this time it doesn’t involve  lesson to teach someone, because on an ordinary day a person walked in a store to get a change of 100 dollars in smaller bills but because of the shop owner he had to buy lottery tickets because only then the shopkeeper would give him change but it seemed like God had decided to pour in a lot of money in that person’s life because in this case, a single lottery brought in an astonishing 10 million dollars, it’s like a needle in a haystack and  10 million dollars that’s a lot of stack of money in 100 dollar bills.


Richard Noll
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6. Philip Mazurski

The most famous baseball record of all time still stands unbroken at 70 home runs in this historic match when MC wire achieved his 70 home runs, the 70th home run was caught by a viewer in the stands and his name was Philip mazurski. The ball caught was put up for auction and the buyer brought it and then the ball was valued to be 3 million dollars.
The most famous baseball record of all time still stands unbroken at 70 home runs in this historic match when MC gwire achieved his 70 home runs

Philip mazurski
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7. Charlie ayers

Charlie Ayers the famous executive cook from Google who fed the other executives from Google right from the very beginning of this tech startup, despite of the low salary Charlie kept on serving them but little did he knew that someday the shares allotted to him in the form of part of the salary would value as high as 26 million dollars.

Charlie ayers
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8. Imperial egg collector

During the year 2015 a scrap dealer brought a huge load of scrap for 14000 dollars and during the time of grading of the scrap for different value he found an egg-shaped three inch ornament and he thought that it might have some value but actually some value figure turned out to be worth over 30 million dollars as this ornament was crafted for the royal family during the year 1887.

Imperial egg collector
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9. Teri Horton

Teri Horton a farmer while shopping for a gift for her friend from a thrift shop found a dinner table-sized painting worth 5 dollars but later due to the occurrence of some very lucky events it was found out that the painting was made by the very famous abstract painter  Mr. Jackson Pollock and thus the owner miss Teri Horton was offered a price of 9 million dollars from a Saudi prince but she has decided to sell it only for 50  million dollars, which the experts believe that it is probably attainable.

Teri Horton
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10. Rick Norsigian

Rick Norsigian went for a garage sale where he found boxes filled with slabs of glass, with beautiful work on it and so he decided to buy them at 45 dollars each but after a few years it was found out that those glass work were the long lost work of Ansel Adams and the experts have guaranteed a price of 200 million dollars.

rick norsigian
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