Albert Einstein was the most intelligent person in mankind history. He was famous enough for his invention for first 20 years in 20th century. He with his theory invented space, time, gravity. He was such a great and famous person that whenever he went out for a walk people used to stop him and used to ask about his invention and theories. For the reasons, he came up with an idea that he used to say to those people that “Please forgive me usually everyone thinks that “I am Einstein” but “I am not”.

He always used to say “I don’t have any special ability but I am such a person who has ‘will to work hard’.
But you will be shocked if you know that, Albert Einstein was not so intelligent from his childhood because he used to get fewer marks in his school time because of that he was used to be called as ‘mad’. Isn’t it shocking?
But it is not one thing, there are many more things which will make you really feel shocked.

albert einstein childhood

If you really want to know how Albert Einstein transformed himself from a mad child to a world’s genius man. Then read the full blog.

Albert Einstein was born on 14 March 1879 in Germany at a Jewish family. His father was “Harmann Einstein” and mother “Pauline Einstein”. And when Albert Einstein was born he was having a different ability other than normal kids because his head was bigger than any other child. As he started to grow older, he was having the trouble in his talk. Until the age of “4”, he was not able to talk anything. But one day when he was having a dinner with his parents but suddenly he whispered in a low voice “The soup is too Hot” by listening to this his parents ap is too Hot” by listening to this his parents were really happy.

At childhood, Einstein didn’t like to play with his aged kids but he had made his own world where he used to think about trees, plants and the universe. He always used to think that “How does this world run’s?” He started to generate interest in science when he was 5 years old. Because Einstein father gifted him a magnetic compass, by which Einstein was really happy. But he always used to think “how does the needle in a magnetic compass is always towards the north”

By having trouble in his speech he joined school a bit late. And he used to think the school as a prison because his teachers used to teach the half knowledge. By this, he used to memorize things instead of understanding them. Because of which he used to ask unknown questions to teachers by which they used to call him mad.

When everyone started calling him mad, he thought that his mind is not yet fully developed because of which he asked his one of the teacher that “How can I improve and develop my mind” the teacher replied that “Practice is a main key to the success”. This sentence brought a great change in Einstein. From that, he made his mind that one day he will leave this world behind, from that day his fever of becoming successful was growing and growing.

If he got bored by reading, he used to convince the mind to read. But in no time he was able to show a diagrammatic improvement with which his teachers were shocked. And later he chose Maths for further studies. Later Because of some economic problems he got some problem with his studies. But he never lost his interest.
He never wasted money unnecessarily on his interest. Let me tell you a story of his own.

One day there was a heavy rain broke out and Albert Einstein was holding his hat under his arm and was rushing towards the home. As he was not having an umbrella, so he was wet. On the way, a man asked him “why are you are holding your hat under your arm but instead were it” isn’t your head is wet. Then the Einstein replied my head is wet, but it went dry up soon, but if my hat gets wet, it may get destroyed and I don’t have money to buy a new one.
With his dedicated work, he was able to be a master in Mathematics and Science. His response towards education was “Education is the thing which when you forget everything just education will be remembered. But by the time he got up to be more intelligent than he discovered many amazing things like the world knows now “The theory of relativity(E=Mc2)”. Einstein on the noble prize in physics in 1921 in discovery of “law of photoelectric effect” and at 1990 America asked him to be the prime minister of Israel. But he rejected the offer by saying he is not made for politics.

He showed everyone that a mad kid with is all his dedication and efforts can get and do anything in this world.
Albert Einstein was so intelligent that he used to calculate his whole research in his mind and it was more accurate than the lab calculation. On 14 march which is Einstein birth date is celebrated as “world genius day”

For some of the other reason, Albert Einstein was made to fly over to America. Where many big colleges invited him as a lecturer. He chose Princeton University because of its good and free nature. The college asked him to give him a list of material required in his research. But he asked only a blackboard, chalk, paper only and a big basket. The college facility was shocked. He said I do many mistakes while research and I will throw papers in the basket.
So this was the brief information about Albert Einstein.

But you would be shocked if you know that our genius was always used to forget the things. He was not able to remember the numbers, dates and many more things.

Once a coworker asked Einstein for his telephone number instead of giving a number, and he started to find it in a telephone directory. The coworker asked (you didn’t remember your number. Einstein said “I didn’t” and said why should I remember the things which can be easily found in books.

Let me tell you ‘some’ of the incident took place with Einstein.

1. First incident

It is an incident of one day while he was going from Princeton University to home. He forgot the way to his home. So Einstein asked the driver do you know the house of Albert Einstein, he replied how don’t know everyone knows him. Einstein told him that he is Einstein, and he forgot his way to home. So the driver took him to his home.

2. Second incident

One day he was traveling on a train from Princeton. When the ticket collector came to him. Einstein started to find it in his pocket, bags, suitcase. When he didn’t find, he started to find it below the seat. As the ticket collector was well known of Einstein told him no need to worry, it’s ok, I know you have taken the ticket said and moved on to next. But he saw Einstein still searching for it. He again said no need to worry no one will ask you the ticket. But Einstein said if I don’t get the ticket how come I would know where am I going to.

At 18 April 1955, Albert Einstein was no more. He now remembered all over the world.
He has brought a huge change in science and technology before and after death.

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