10 amazing discoveries about China

facts about china

China is the world’s largest populated country, situated in Asia it is recognized as the most powerful country among all the Asians country, today it is being recognized as the second largest economy in the world, and its major source of income is concerned from manufacturing all the electronics in the world to all the fancy stuff, just by importing manufacturing goods from the other countries of the world.
Here is a list of 10 amazing facts about China that will shake you as it may sound quite reasonable but it’s true and predominant in China.

1. China’s military

China has the largest military in the world with an arsenal of tanks, launchers, helicopters, missiles, and carriers and to maintain and empower all these it spends a huge chunk of money and thus is counted as the second most military spending country in the world after America.
But more or less every country spends huge chunks of money on their military but apart from this China has designed a few different ways to train their soldiers, while in the training every soldier has a pin attached to their collar, so that their head is straight, apart from training humans china also trains dogs, pigeons, swan and monkeys for several missions.

china militry
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2. Traditional dwelling techniques

China has also designed a different style of living technique, wherein the people in China live in underground caves and houses which remain cold during summers and warm during winters, a really good move to save power and this form of living can be seen near the yellow river basin where natural caves are found along with artificial caves and the surrounding environment makes it a fancy as well as resourceful place to live not only for the residents of China but also for tourists because it also holds several resorts and hotels for guests.

Kizil Caves Kuqa Xinjiang China
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3. Plethora of meats

China runs a policy in their minds to eat every 4 legged things and thus every year in the month of June china celebrates dog meat festival where more than 10 thousand dogs are slaughtered down to fill their stomachs, quite an inhuman meal for humans and China seems to develop immense love for food and meat and because of this every year more than 10 million dogs are slaughtered.

dog meat festival
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4. The Great Wall of China

The plans for the construction of this massive piece of beauty that can also be seen from space started during the 5th century B.C and the construction kept on running until the 16th century, the major reason for the construction of this massive wall was to keep enemies at bay, none the less it was not found that effective against enemies when Changez khan attacked China and surpassed its wall which had an extension of 8800 km’s.

The Great Wall of China
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5. Silk country

China is also very popular for the production of silk and many countries in the world called China as sriga, which means the producer of silk and this silk has been being produced in China since 3000 B.C and it is also rumored that if anyone dared to speak the technique of silk production will be hanged.

silk Country China
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6. Kites were from China

China was the country who discovered the technique of kite making and they used their kites to warn their enemies and along with this china also used to produce a paper which was very thick and long lasting and was also used to make clothes.

Kites were from China
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7. Highly polluted

China has been producing a lot of consumer goods as well as several electronic goods but all this comes at a very heavy price and this is pollution, China is the sole country responsible for the 29% pollution of the world and this is the reason for several health and mental problems in China because of the huge quantity of polluted matter in China’s air.

China has been producing a lot of consumer goods as well as several electronic goods but all this comes at a very heavy price and this is pollution
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8. A leader in construction and development

China has been widely expanding its development needs and has been providing a leader in world-class infrastructures and skyscrapers that. It has been rumored that the expansion, growth, and development in China has taken such a huge leap that the quantity of construction material used in China is far greater than what has been used in America till date, since the year

construction and development
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9. Strict regulation and ban on social media

China has restricted the use of Facebook and Twitter in the country since the year 2009 and the country maintains a strict regulation on all the social media platforms to monitor any activities of protest against the government and people are put behind the bars who speak ill of the government

Strict regulation and ban on social media
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10. The most spoken language

Chinese is the most spoken language in the world because every Chinese person in the world speaks Chinese and it is compulsory for every resident of China to speak Chinese.

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