10 amazing facts to increase knowledge and curiosity


1. Stones alongside the railway track

The stones that are there between the tracks and the area around the track are termed as track ballast. The track ballast collectively forms a thick bed of stones to assist the railway sleepers to stabilize the movement of trains on the tracks. Now, a railway sleeper is perpendicular rectangular support for the tracks these sleepers are made of concrete and their main task is to hold the railway tracks uptight and properly spaced.

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2. The X mark on the rear of the last compartment

Whenever we see a train there is an X mark on the rear of the last compartment, which is a sign that this is the last compartment, the significance of this X is that if there is no symbol in the last compartment than it means that some of the compartments might have lost the link because of any technical or any mechanical issue and thus this knowledge helps the station master to understand the situation and report the matter to the higher authority.

The X mark on the rear of the last compartment
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3. Book margin

Whenever we read a book we see that there is some space left at the left of the start of the page on the left hand and the right-hand side of the page on the right, but never did we imagined that why this space is left the reason being rats, yes these small creatures are the reason that some space is left on either side of the book because they start destroying the books from the edges and sides thus you will be having more time to safeguard your book.

Book margin
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4. Plastic rubber seal on the caps of bottles

There is a plastic rubber seal on the cap of the bottle which is placed inside the cap and this seal serves as a seal, as this is placed inside the cap it maintains a pressure if this is not present that a certain amount of carbon dioxide in the bottles will start to escape and thus the bottle will lose its pressure and the beverage will lose its shelf life at an
early date.

cold drink bottle caps
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5. Diamond shape design on the bags

On some bags there are diamond shape designs and many people think that it serves as a decoration purpose despite making the bag look good it also serves as the purpose for carrying extra load as earlier bags were mainly used by hikers and most of the times there will be a lot of stuff to carry that won’t fit inside the bag so there was a new way that was designed to increase the carrying capacity by attaching stuff to these diamond shaped attachments.

Diamond shape design on the bags
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6. Nail cuticles

Some people might have noticed a small layer of skin on the top of their nails, which is called as cuticles, but never they would have wondered the reason for its presence on the nails but it serves a huge purpose in safeguarding your health, as it is present at the point from which the nail originates and thus if it is not present there it would cause several germs to enter the skin and cause several skin hazards.

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7. The gap on the handle of the pan

The gap on the handle of a pan might look attractive as certain design can be incorporated but this caries a better significance more useful while cooking because this handle serves as a stand for the spoon which is used to stir the gravy, as you stir the gravy and leave it to cook in the meantime you can keep the spoon on the gap as it would keep the spoon away from any dirt if it is kept down on the counter and apart from that it will also keep your kitchen clean as no juice will trickle down from the spoon.

why gap on the handle of the fry pan
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8. The blue part of the eraser

Usually erasers have 2 parts one white part and the other blue part, there has been a myth or a word of mouth that the blue part is capable of erasing pen marks, but that’s not the fact the blue part is used for erasing the pencil marks off from the art paper and other thick papers which are quite rough and thick from usual papers.

The blue part of the eraser
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9. Bumps on the J and F key of the keyboard

The bumps on the J and F key of the keyboard is not a mere manufacturing defect or a design factor it serves the purpose of typing at a faster speed without looking at the keyboard as with the help of these bumps the typist can recognize the other keys on the keyboard and type with minimum errors.

Bumps on the J and F key of the keyboard
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10. LV sign and the red light at the end of the train compartment

Some of the people must have noticed that there is a red light blinking at the rear of the last compartment and there is also a sign of LV at the last compartment these symbols and light are not for decoration purposes but these help the station master to understand that this is the last compartment because in the absence of surrounding light it is this light the station master takes into consideration to make sure that no compartments are lost on their journey.

LV sign and the red light at the end of the train compartment
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