10 Mysterious And Strange Islands

Many islands in the world are well-explored, their secrets were learned a long time ago, but
there have been few mysterious islands. Islands that are available on the maps suddenly
appear to vanish.
Sometimes islands behave dangerously in explainable ways and then they are destroyed
or abandoned because of their varied non-life supporting properties.

1.  Island Bermeja, lost the island

During the year 1700s, island Bermeja was seen near the Yucatan Peninsula’s coast. But then
something happened in 2009 when the national autonomous of Mexico study concluded
that the island no more exists.
The island was supposed to 55 nautical miles away from the territorial limit of Mexico and
thus by claiming it, Mexico would extend its oil claims.

Via: earth-chronicles.com

2. Vozrozhdeniya Island

In the 1920s, the Soviet Union was in search of a location of special attributes. In the island, a
group of mad scientists was busy constructing a military base for biological weapons,
wherein plague, anthrax, smallpox, tularemia, and botulinum were genetically modified to
that graded, where no medical treatment would be available.

Vozrozhdeniya Island
Via: wikimedia.org

3.    Bannerman Island

Bannerman Island, in the Hudson River, can only be reached by a half hour ride from a boat. Visitors to the island are curious to know that why there is a castle on the island and this secret remains a secret which is never shared, but there is little that people know about this island and the castle, that a person made a huge fortune by selling military equipment and the edifice was built him.

Bannerman Island
Via: flickr.com

.    4. Earthquake Island

A powerful earthquake that killed 39 people and shook the homes in Pakistan in September 2013, also created an island. According to the meteorological department, it was a magnitude of 7.7 that made a lot of people dead.
The island soon disappeared after the earthquake like it was never there.

Earthquake Island
Via: flickr.com

5. Magic Island

Something not from earth, but still mysterious, astronomers spied an anomaly while analyzing data from NASA’s Cassini probe when it recognized changes on Saturn’s moon- Titan, when an island formed on one of Titan’s sea approximately 20 kilometers by 10 kilometers in size.

magic lsland
Image Credit : NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASI/Cornell

       6.  The floating eye island

An island which looks like an eye, but not staring anyone had all eyes on it when a filmmaker discovered it in 2016, while he was scouting locations for a movie scene.
Located in the Parana Delta, in Argentina. It is an island with a nearly perfect circle and it is also surrounded by a channel that is also in the form of a circle and when seen from above it looks like an eye.

Floating Eye Island
Image Credit: Elojo Project

7. Socotra island

Socotra Island situated far away from the coast of Yemen is like an alien planet. Endangered flora of the island is unique due to extreme temperatures and arid conditions. One-third of its plant life cannot be found existing in other parts of the world. The strange tree of the island is used for meditational purposes and the island’s bottle tree is well adapted to store water during dry seasons.

Image Credit: Wikimedia

8. Diego Garcia

The V-shaped island which is 44 square kilometer in size is in the Indian Ocean called as Diego Garcia, the biological attributes of this island have tropical jungles and white sand beaches, which the US government took control of so that it can have both Asia and the Middle East on its attack range. Diego Garcia was used to supporting air strike missions at the time of the Afghanistan war and the gulf war.

Image Credit: Wikimedia

9. Partridge Island

Partridge Island located in Canada, far off the coast of Saint John Harbour, New Brunswick became a quarantine station in 1830. The immigrants had to stay on this island until they were disease free to move to Canada, quarantined immigrants who died on that island were buried on that island.

Partridge_Island_New_Brunswick Canada
Image Credit: Wikimedia

10. Easter Island

No Easter eggs in here, the island has got a big story of how islanders used to live, how they used to do farming using primitive tools. A team of researchers from the University of California to determine the lifestyle, their habits and the genetic history of Rapa Nui.

It was believed that the Rapa Nui interbred with South Americans during the year 1772. But there were raiders who kidnapped the Rapa Nui to sell them as slaves and the rest who somehow managed to escape died of hunger and epidemic.

Easter Island
Image by 3282700 from Pixabay