8-Morning Habits You Need To Work on That Are Going To Change Your Life

Runing Exercise

A slow and dull start in the morning usually affects your day making it lousy and unproductive. Some people may even start feeling sluggish and demotivated.

On the contrary, people who live a healthy lifestyle, planning everything and being organized throughout the day feel a lot more energized and confident.

Now, you must be thinking about what is the ideal morning routine to kick start your day, there are no such rituals you just need to be in sync with few simple morning habits that will alter the trajectory of your entire day.

1.) Your morning shines at 6’o clock

Now, first of all, you need to calm down don’t get excited because this doesn’t mean you need to start working from 6 A.M. you should first wake up at 6 A.M. and then plan your entire day. Early morning waking up habits brings up an incredible advantage to start your day in the quietness of the morning and in the flow of fresh air which acts as a mood enhancer.

Morning 6o'clock
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2. ) Open the windows

Ventilation of air is crucial for a healthy lifestyle because when the traffic starts buzzing it is very much difficult to breathe fresh air and so it is necessary for you to open up your windows and breathe the fresh morning air and this will also allow sunlight to enter your room.

Breath fresh air
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Your morning should start with meditation and the best time to meditate is in the morning when your surroundings are quiet so that you can focus your attention on being calm and thoughtless. This will act as a morning booster because meditation is self-sufficient in healing you from inside, clearing your thoughts and calming down your mind. So that you can remain focused throughout the day.

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4.) Lemon water

Drinking water in the morning improves bowel regulation and aids digestion and this is the key to the healthy digestive system. When this water is combined with lemon juice it brings an improvement in digestion and imparts excellent detoxification, which immediately flushes out all of the harmful toxins in the body.

lemon water
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5.) Shower

Many of us might try to save time in the morning by not showering our self but this is a mistake and shouldn’t be made from now on because stepping into the shower will instantly freshen you up, along with cleansing you. A hot shower will also help you loosen up any phlegm, which mostly happens during winter nights.

showr bath
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6.) Go through something inspirational

As running and exercising keep you fit, motivational speech and quotes will keep your mind and thoughts positive as it is a mental workout that will keep mentally strong all day long.

Runing Exercise
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7.) Stay away from your phone

These days’ mobile phones have become almost as important to us as air. Cell phones are often the first thing we are busy staring at going to sleep and after waking up, that would not be the thing any doctor would prescribe. It is very important for us to enjoy the other aspects of life and thus giving us the time to interact with people socially in the real world and we should also engage in various other activities associated with the environment, other living creatures as it would help us to stay close to nature and far from radiation.

stay away from phone
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8.) Keep your nutrition levels high

Every food we consume contains some nutritional benefits but are those ‘some benefits’ enough for us?
The answer is obviously no, during these days foods we consume are not as nutritious as they used to be and after cooking those foods there is a huge depletion in nutrition level. Our body requires a proper quantity of several minerals and vitamins that are essential in optimizing our daily tasks because doing a task is not important but what is important is to complete our daily tasks in the best possible way and thus proper nutrition is important for efficient brain functioning and effective body functioning and thus raw vegetables, essential greens, variety of fruits must be consumed instead of par-fried or precooked meals.

Nutrition food
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