4 centuries passed in a village with no childbirth


India has been home to witchcraft for several years and there is a story in which you might believe or you may not but this topic is definitely going to excite you. Do you think that there can be a curse whose impact can last over 400 years but it is true and that’s exactly what happened in a village in India called Sanka Shyam Ji village, which has not seen childbirth in the last 4 centuries?

The villagers are scared or they have a belief that if a woman gave birth to a child, both of them might end up dead or might suffer from some kind of deformity. Now you must be thinking is this really true, then you must keep on scrolling to keep the excitement running.

1.) Where is this village?

In the state of Madhya Pradesh, this Sanka Shyam Ji village is located, this village is 130 km away from the capital city Bhopal.

Now you know where this village is located so you might be thinking is there really a curse in action or is it just a superstition to be on the famous list.

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2.)There might be a code?

If evidence is to believe that there are no proper explanations behind this practice. The elders of the village do not allow the women to give birth to a child as they believe that an evil may befall the village and the women are also scared that they might end up dying.

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3.) The reason for the curse

According to the myth, it is believed that once the farmers were building a temple in this village 400 years ago and were attracted by a lady in the farm and they believe that this deed angered the Gods and then the village was cursed.

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4.) The first cry of a child

You might be thinking about how the villagers make the baby birth happen, as childbirth is prohibited in the village; women give birth to their kid outside the village in a hospital or in a room that is solely made for pregnancy purposes.

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5.) Words of the elders

The village elder is also known as the sarpanch said that ninety percent of the delivery takes place in the hospital, which is outside the village parameters. The women are taken to the emergency room where they give birth.

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6.) Has the curse been tested?

The villagers are so scared that they never tried to rogue because this practice has now been a part of their culture and they are ideas and beliefs are so strongly bonded around this superstition that they never dare to go against the rule. otherwise, the child may be born with abnormal characteristics, they believe.

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7.) Has fate ever played its role?

Fewer times there has been an incident when the birth was bound to take place in the village perimeters and after these accidental births, several accidents took place that made people trembled. It is said in the village that whenever the child was born in the village, the child either died or was born deformed and all these events scared the villager’s lot more and reaffirmed their fears.

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8.) Other boundaries

When a superstition comes in action several other superstitions join the brawl between belief and misconception and there is a proof that how much this 400-year-old

The mystery has made people move into the most proper form of living. People in the village are so scared that they don’t consume meat and neither do they drink alcohol or consume any tobacco products and they also believe in living a simple life away from luxuries. At least the curse brought some benefits to the residers of the village.

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9.) It made a major news

Whenever people came to know about this village they would consider it as a false statement but as this village started gaining popularity this ‘400-year-old story’ got huge coverage all around the world.

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