8 greatest magic tricks of the world finally revealed


The number of magicians in the world is very small only 1 out of every 25000 people in the world are magicians and now you are going to know all of the rare magic tricks these magicians used to perform to leave you stunned.

1.) Darcy Oake’s dove illusion

If you have been a fan of magic and Britain’s got talent show than you must have remained shocked and terrified several times but there would have been a moment that would have left you stunned. Yes, I’m talking about the Canadian illusionist Darcy Oake’s who made a pigeon disappear from a burnt feather. But how did he do that?

Darcy used a feather which was actually a paper known as flash paper, which is used as magicians to create quick flashes of fire to hide the crucial moment of illusion from the audience. That exactly what he did suing that paper and quickly got that pigeon in his secret pocket.

image credit:-  coub

2.) Rising card trick

In this trick, the magician asks a spectator to randomly choose a card from the deck and place it in the back of the card deck. After this, the magician makes a special move to entertain the audience with his words and makes the card pop out from the deck.

While lacing the card back in the deck, the magician keeps it in front of a card with a mechanism- a small pad that sticks to the card and makes it move upwards.

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3.) Can on a card

An illusionist takes a can and a card and tries to make the can stand on a card, this might sound tough but it is the easiest of all the tricks that any beginner can pull it off.

If you will take a closer look at the card you will find that the card is T- shaped and even you can pull off this trick very easily.

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4.) Phone in the bottle

In this world-famous trick the magician holds the bottle on one hand and a mobile in other hand and he lets the audience check on the bottle and after this the trick comes into action the magician uses a small but a very sharp tool and after this he pushes the phone inside and makes everyone believe in his act.

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5.) Twisting an I phone

This famous trick was performed by the very famous dynamo who performed this trick on the streets and that was the day when the street lost the game of illusion against him, but now you would be thinking that how is this possible?

This is very simple as the magician already prepared a back cover and then he covered the front half to fool people.

Image credit:- rebelmagic

6.) Turning water into ice instantly.

This is a very easy trick but quite confusing that how a cup can hyper chill water, actually the fact lies in the cup which has a sponge and an ice cube the sponge absorbs the water and then the magician slides the ice cube from the cup, while the water is still in the sponge.

Image credit:-  fact verse

7.) Passing through a wall

There is a wall on the stage which seems like a real concrete wall but actually it is thermocall wall which has got a concrete texture, the audience who inspect the wall feel that this is solid concrete and then the magician performs a trick as there is a special passage through the wall which is kept hidden and it takes very little time for the magician to appear on the other side of the wall when the drape is down.

Image credit:-  pexel.com

8.) Death saw of David Copperfield

David Copperfield one of the best known magician of the world had his very own death saw trick in which there will be two halves of the box from inside but from outside it will seem like one single box on the other half of the box there will be one person in an upside down position and David Copperfield on the first half with his leg folded when leg is inside and then the giant blade appears and cuts the box into two halves but still David Copperfield comes out alive.

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