6 Animals who have been arrested for spying on other countries

Isn’t it’s quite an existing thing when you come across it for the first time that animals are being used as a spy? There’s much more that will add to your astonishment.

1. Atomic lizard

In February 2018, Iran’s military advisor Hassan Firouzabadi gave an interview to western media in which he talked about the arrest of some international tourists who are continuously visiting Iraq for environmental purposes. He told them that Iran Officers were suspicious about and after the conversation with them, they came to know that tourists possessed lizards, and they were trained to attract themselves to the atomic radiations so that they could gain information about Iran’s nuclear program and also to destroy it. After that, these lizards were named as “Atomic Lizards”.

Image credit: pexel.com

2. Acoustic kitty

It sounds very strange that how anyone could fit a microphone inside the body of a cat. But in 1960, America’s intelligence agency, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has actually done that and named this project as Acoustic Kitty. The main objective of this project is to control cats and to train them for gaining necessary information about the other sources. In this project, the American government had wasted almost 20 million dollars of Taxpayers, and after that, a cat was developed with an antenna wire along the spine, the microphone inside the ear canal and transmitter and power supply inside her hairs. Unfortunately, the whole idea of controlling cats was failed because, at the very first time when she came out, she was bumped by the car.

Image credit: blackvault

3. Mossad Shark Army

Sharks are water living animals who never sleeps and always thirsty for blood. You will be shocked to know that they were also used as spies and killers. During 2010, in Misr many shark attacks happened, in which their Regional Governor, Mohammad Abdul Fidel told that it can be possible that all these attacks are not accidents, according to him all these attacks were planned to ruin the summer season for tourists by Israel intelligence agency, Mossad. This agency was also being accused many times by other countries before this incident, so this could be possible that it was done by Mossad.

Image credit: wikimedia

4. Central Intelligence Ravens

Crows are always considered to be one of the cleverest pets. But in America, with the help of a person named, Pop Belly, the CIA secretly made these black crows as a spy. Pop Belly is the first person in the world, who trained dolphins to detect mines underwater. With the help of his efforts and government support, he was able to convert crows into a spying agent. These pets were trained to collect audible devices and to leave them on top of the buildings or roofs. It was said that at present many top intelligence authorities use them to collect important information.

Image credit: pixabay

5. Secret- Agent Dolphins

Worldwide, dolphins were trained for years by the army to put them into use. These water-loving animals are the best tool to detect explosions underwater. But in 2015, the Palestinian Sunni-Islamist organization, Hamas arrested dolphins for detective crimes. Hamas arrested a dolphin in Gaza, it was told that the dolphin is attached with all cameras and many other tools for collecting information. According to them, this dolphin was sent by Israel for spying purposes, but the Israel government had rejected their claim. This dolphin is still is in the hands of Hamas, as they rejected the proposal of returning it to Israel.

Image credit: pixabay

6. Pigeon Photographer

Undoubtedly, pigeons are the most useful for sending information. Their accurate learning power helps them to search for their homes easily. From years, they have been used to sending and receiving information.  But in the 20th century, a German man had tied a camera with the pigeon to know their outlook. During First World War, the German army had used this idea and that time with the help of these pigeons, many pictures were taken of the World War, still, the pigeons were used for sending and receiving information.

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