5 of The World’s Most Dangerous Records Nobody Would Like To Break

People die to make world records; they put in everything it takes to do something unique. On the other hand, some people unknowingly get themselves registered in the record books. Their intentions might not be of creating a world record or something like that, but situations led them to the creation of some of these unique records.

It is said that records are made as broken and it is rightly said because the person behind the setting of the record would have done a lot of hard work and any person who can replicate that level of skill, and determination can easily set a record that is far better than the previous one. But some records were set unintentionally and nobody will ever try to break those extremely difficult and weird records.

Today we will learn about some of the most difficult records to break that was not intended as made but the circumstances led to the creation of such records and now they are almost unbreakable but who knows one day they might also get defeated after all records are made as broken.

1.)Record for the longest distance a person being displaced by a windstorm

19 years old Mike who was visiting his grandparent’s house on 12 March 2006 was struck in between a windstorm and was thrown 398.47 meters away from his house. His grandparents were also displaced but not as far as he was. Mike didn’t suffer any injury and survived the disaster but did make this unique record.

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2.) Spending the longest tenure in prison

Paul Gaddle who was born in 1894 is the person who has spent the most number of years of his life in captivity. At the age of 17, he was sentenced to prison in charge of murdering 43 years old man. However, he was all set as discharged from the prison because of his good behavior in the prison but the prison medical department found that he was mentally unstable and cannot be set free in the outside world is he can be a danger for normal people of the country. And in the scenario, Paul had to spend 68 years 245 days of his life in prison this is the highest number in history. 

Image credit: telegraph

3.) The person who failed the driving test for the most number of times

Cha Sun of South Korea passed her written driving test after which she was called upon for the practical test. This was one of the happiest days of my life because for the written exam hundreds of times but each time she failed, she submitted around 250000 rupees as the exam fees over the year appearing for the exam which she failed each time. At last, in 2009 she passed in her 960th attention which is the highest number of attempts taken by anyone. 

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4.) The person with the most number of kidney stones

A man in India was suffering from stomach ache for the past few days on appearing for the Sonography test; it was found there was a stone in his kidney. Dr. Ashish who was the doctor who operated him told that a total of 172555 stones were extracted from his kidney in an operation which lasted for four hours. It is the highest number of stones ever extracted from a human’s kidney. The person survived that operation.

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5.)The person to dodge death situations for the most number of times

In 1920 an Irish person living in the New York of America, he was called as the iron mike, as he was successful to evade each attempt made by his family members to kill him. His family members issued 3 lives insurance policies on his name and made a plan to kill him and run away with all the claim money. They tried to kill him by giving sleeping pills, antifreeze, turpentine, rat kill, and many things but somehow mike was able to survive all these attempts. And now he holds the record for the person to have fooled death for the most number of times.

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