Ten most expensive bikes in the world


1.) Harley Davidson Cosmic Starship – $1 million 

It is a  custom bike by legendary builders Bartels with a paint finish by maverick artist Jack Armstrong, using his signature Cosmic-style painting. It costs Whooping million but Harley Davidson is always the best.

Harley Davidson Cosmic Starship – $1 million
Image credit: Blogspot

2.) Ultra Rare Porcupine   Cost: $ 750,000

This bike is a part of world War history, and for history lovers, this is the dream bike. Earlier it was a part of the museum but currently open for sale.

Ultra Rare Porcupine   Cost: $ 750,000
Image credit : pinimig

3.) Gold Plated Custom Chopper   Cost: $ 500,000

This gold-plated Chopper is hand-built around a 1.7 Yamaha Roadster engine. And don’t let the looks fool you, this is a superbly engineered machine that accelerates effortlessly up to its cruising speed.

Gold Plated Custom Chopper   Cost: $ 500,000
Image credit : cnbcfm

4.) The legendary British classic black   Cost: $ 400,000

Any discussion about most iconic bikes will definitely include this one. Produced between 1948 – 1952, the Legendary British Vintage Black at its time of production was the fastest production motorcycle in the world. Now considered as a “collector’s item”.

The legendary British classic black   Cost: $ 400,000
Image credit : herbeat

5.) Ecosse FE Titanium XX  Cost: $ 300,000

It is equipped with the 2.4-liter aluminum engine which produces 230 horsepower, it is quite a very fast motorbike with a top speed of over 350 mph. The styling of the Ecosse Titanium Series is a unique one that consists of an aluminum engine.

Ecosse FE Titanium XX  Cost: $ 300,000
Image credit : blogspot

6.) Hubless Harley Davidson    Cost: $ 155,000

It has amazing in front of your luxury townhouse. Designed by the Howards Killer Custom, this bike took a total of 4000 hours within a two-year duration to complete. A stylish motorbike, the Hub less Harley Davidson gives a glimpse of the future of motorbike designs.

Hubless Harley Davidson    Cost: $ 155,000 
Image credit : blogspot

7.) Hildebrand Wolfmüller  Cost: $ 150,000

This is the first bike to be produced, currently, it is under private ownership. The fact that it is the first bike to emerge makes it super expensive. The bike has a two-cylinder four-stroke engine.

Hildebrand Wolfmüller  Cost: $ 150,000
Image credit : 7everything

8.) Harley Davidson Rocker      Cost: $ 130,000

It came out  In the mid-1960s, it is a special type of custom motorcycle appearance that emerged in the American market popularly known as ‘chopper’.  A chopper, according to many experts is the most extreme of all custom styles.

Harley Davidson Rocker      Cost: $ 130,000
Image Credit : cloudfront.net

9.) Coventry Eagle     Cost: $ 120000

This one is an old model of Royale Eagle, however, it is still the most loved bike for many. Vintage bike lovers are ready to go to any extent to buy it. Reportedly it is more than a 100-year-old model.

Coventry Eagle     Cost: $ 120000
Image Credit : Bonhams

10.) Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter     :  Cost: $ 110,000

Bagging the last spot, this bike has a unique clockwork design, however, it seems to have taken care of all that. The bike’s eye-catching chassis, carved from a single piece of metal, proved to be an extreme hit with enthusiasts.

Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter     :  Cost: $ 110,000
Image credit : blogspot

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