10 Natural Methods To Get Rid of A Headache


Headache is something everyone encounters with now and then. And it’s not even a disease still it can be painful at times. Most of the people opt for medication to get rid of it. But what if I tell you there are natural ways to get rid of it.

1.) Mint Juice

Mint leaves are known for their medicinal values, take some min leaves to crush them and apply on your forehead the Menthone and menthol, the main components of mint that help in curing headaches. Alternatively, you can try mint tea.

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2.) Ginger

It can curb the inflammation of the blood vessels. Inflammation in the head is the major reason for the headache. Mix equal parts of ginger juice with either water or lemon juice and consume it.

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It is a proven muscle relaxant and can prove to be of great help in case of headaches. You can either consume fresh leaves of basil directly or boil leaves in water and drink the water, afterward.

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4.) Peppermint oil

Applying a menthol solution to the forehead and temples was more effective than a placebo for migraine-associated pain, nausea, and light sensitivity.

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5.) Ice pack

This one got a simple logic behind it, the coldness of the ice reduces the inflammation caused by the headache, try applying some ice over the region you are felling inflammation and you are likely to be relieved soon.

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6.) Lavender oil

Inhaling lavender essential oil may ease migraine pain. people who inhaled lavender oil during a migraine attack for 15 minutes experienced faster relief than those who inhaled a placebo. Lavender oil may be inhaled directly or applied diluted to the temples.

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7.) Cloves

It has cooling and pain-relieving properties. Crush a few cloves gently and Inhale the smell of the crushed cloves whenever you have a headache until you can also put 2 drops of clove oil in a tablespoon of coconut oil plus sea salt and gently massage your forehead and temples with it.

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8.) Rosemary

Rosmarinic acid that has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, which can help give you relief from a headache is a key component of Rosemary. Apply 2-3 drops of its oil on your forehead or boil its leaves in water and consume it.

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9.) Apples

They help restore the acid-alkaline balance in the body. “Mix a half cup of apple cider vinegar with a half cup of water and boil the mixture then remove from heat, hold a towel over your head and slowly inhale the steam. This will provide instant relief from sinus headaches.

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10.) Acupressure

It is a one-stop solution for a number of problems. All you need to do is to apply pressure on the region between your thumb and index finger for 2 minutes you will receive some relief in headache.

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